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About Me

Recording and Mixing Engineer.
I am a recording and mixing engineer based out of the Greater Sydney area. I recently completed my Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering and Sound Production) at JMC academy in Sydney.

I was introduced to music at a young age and have spent the majority of my life studying music and playing instruments, primarily the bass guitar but I have experience with other instruments. 

This has fueled my love of music and encouraged me to listen to a diverse collection of music, from Bluegrass to Indie Rock to Neo-Soul, making me comfortable in a huge range of genres.
While I am comfortable in many genres, my passion is for Funk/Soul and Indie Rock. 

I began recording with a home studio setup while I was in high school, recording family and friends just for fun. Since then I have completed a Bachelor's Degree as well as an Internship at Studios 301.

Though my studies and work as an audio engineer I have experience in a wide range of audio areas other than music including film and television, electronic production, live event production as well as spatial audio/Dolby Atmos.

I am committed to providing you a high quality product as well as service and love the process of bringing your art into a form that can reach the world.

If you would like to hire me for a project, please feel free to contact me so we can talk through your needs and tailor my services to suit. I am more than happy to adjust accordingly.
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